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Preparing for Moving Day

May 8, 2018

Hey Guys!

One thing I always struggle with is deciding (especially that time my husband and I moved 3 times in one year) what to keep, toss, and store before a move.  For me that’s the WORST part of moving. I end up just going from room to room looking at all the stuff I call junk until it’s time to get rid of something. Then all the sudden the broken printer and 300 stuffed animals shoved in the back of a closet are treasures I can’t live without.

If you’re anything like me, you know that struggle. So, after years of trial and error, lots of time googling, and just in general procrastination; I think I’ve found a system that works.


  1. Start by pulling everything out and put it in a big pile somewhere annoying, like the middle of your living room or on your bed.


The more annoying the spot, the better. Trust me, the more in the way everything is, the more likely you’re going to “actually” go through it and not just shut the door and pretend you didn’t just make a huge mess.


  1. Start sorting in to 3 piles: keep, toss (donate), and think about it.


For me this is the best way to not spend hours obsessing about one or two items.You know the stuff you use all the time and can’t get rid of, and if you’re ready to let it go. Don’t freak out if the “think about it” pile is a mountain next to the other piles (mine always is). I always put the keep stuff away, either back in the closet I pulled it from or in boxes. It helps me keep track of how much I’m keeping and makes the next step easier.



  1. Tackle your mountain, aka your “think about it” pile.


Ask yourself these questions, with the item in your hands.

  • Does it make me happy?
  • Does it work/fit?
  • Would I buy it again at full price?
  • How much can I sell it for?


The first question is the most important. Does it make me happy? If your holding your treasure and you don’t immediately get a warm fuzzy feeling, let it go.  I don’t care if it was your great grandma’s pearls. If they don’t make you happy and they are just taking up space, let them go. I’m sure that you have a relative or a friend that would love and use the heirlooms.

Next, does it work or fit. This one feels like a no brainer. It’s not. You’re going to tell yourself that you can get that computer fixed; it worked great before it got that virus! Or I love those pants! As soon as I lose weight I’m going to rock those. It’s a trick you play on yourself. If you have already replaced the item, let it go. If it was that important you would have already fixed it. As for the super cute clothing for when you lose weight, don’t hold on to things that don’t fit. And the same can be said for the clothes that are too big, LET THEM GO!

 Would I buy it again at full price? As a bargain hunter, this is usually the make or break for me. If the thought of paying $20 for what ever it is makes me wrinkle my nose, it’s gone. 

Another thing that will help you win the battle over clutter is, how much can I sell it for. If you have a smart phone you can look up the going rate for anything. If you can sell it for more than it’s worth to you, than sell it and use that money to invest in something that will work better or treat yourself. You earned it after all the work you just did.


  1. Now, all that is left is to organize the toss pile.

Most of your toss pile you can be donated. Do a quick search of local donation centers, my favorite in the area is Miracle Hill, make sure they are accepting what you’re donating and put it all in the passenger seat of your car (not the trunk). If it’s in the passenger seat, you can’t forget to drop it off and it won’t spend 5 months living in the trunk of your car.


If you’ve followed all the steps and still have more than you have space for, then come find a unit with us!

I hope my method of annoying yourself into cleaning works for you. If you have any methods that work for you, let me know.


Haley Cain

Procrastination Master

Site Manager

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